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New directions

In 2013 we started with the introduction of new directions of the company. Instead of exclusively brokering activities we have launched our innovative research in the field of computer science, more precisely software engineering, parallel and distributed computing and modern metaheuristics. Our goal is to use these approaches in different real-world domains such as health, energy, transportation, and manufacturing.

Basic activity

Company LIBOT d.o.o. has been in its present form established in May 1994 as an agent and distributor of chemical products. Recognizing that with Loctite® we can cover and satisfy market needs, we later specialized only for Loctite®. Personally, Lado Korošec has acquainted with new gluing technology back in 1978 as a representative of the Belgrade company in Ljubljana. First steps of marketing were quite demanding, older staff in production have avoided novelties, while younger technologists were fairly quick to understand the benefits offered by gluing. New products were offered throughout the industry, craftsmen and later shops with chemical commodities. The results of market research have shown only a few years later with new organizations of work. Collaboration in the last few years has particularly strengthened. All today's results reflect altruistic and exemplary cooperation with the company Henkel Slovenia d.o.o., which provides commercial and technical assistance on the basis of mutual trust and respect. We cooperate with Henkel for full 33 years.